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Climate change and fishes

Bottom habitat suitability (HS) maps for juvenile sandbar sharks in the Chesapeake Bay, Virginia. (d)
Baseline habitat distribution for juvenile sandbar sharks in Chesapeake Bay, when salinity, temperature, and dissolved oxygen were optimal the value was set at 1. (e) Percent change between the habitat suitability values from the baseline and year 2050 and (f) year 2100. Figure: Dan Crear

Sensitive habitats such as shark nursery grounds are changing as a result of anthropogenic warming. Respirometry experiments combined with climate modeling show that nursery habitat quality will decline strongly in the coming century. Crear, D. P., R. J. Latour, M. A. M. Friedrichs, P. St-Laurent and K. C. Weng (2020). “Sensitivity of a shark nursery habitat to a changing climate.” Marine Ecology Progress Series 652: 123-136.